SPOKANE, Wash. --- Firefighters became the guests of honor at a Spokane wedding on Sunday after the venue became their makeshift command center.

The Wellesley Fire burned at least 300 acres before fire crews contained it. They managed to do so, after setting up shop at a local wedding venue, Beacon Hill Catering and Events.

“We have bathrooms, we have brownies, we have all sorts of things to give to people,” laughed Ali Messer, the event director for the venue.

The emergency responders set up shop on Sunday but made sure the nuptials got off without a hitch.

Photo of wedding courtesy of Stolen Images Photography.

"The fire team was so supportive of making sure that wedding was going to happen safely,” said Messer.

She explained they keep their grounds well-groomed partially because they are an event venue and also to help keep fires at bay.

“I think once we realized we were safe and sound and the wedding could move forward, our thoughts were just with the firefighters and the neighborhoods,” said Messer.