SPOKANE, Wash. – The smoke and haze of the air this summer has been the talk of the town.

So far this season, smoke has had air conditions hovering between orange and red levels. That means is has impacted just about everyone at this point.

But back in 2015, the air conditions went from orange to red and at times, even reached purple, meaning the air is hazardous.

While experts said this year is only half as bad as it was in 2015, it is still isn’t great.

"For the last four days we've been moving back and forth between orange and red,” said Mark Roue, from the Spokane Regional Clear Air Agency.

Roue said because of the lingering period of poor air quality over the weekend, Spokane area exceeded the federal fine particulate matter standard and the o-zone standard.

"That doesn't mean that we're in violation or that we'll suffer the consequences of the federal government because it's being called an exceptional event,” said Roue.

Roue said wind this week from any direction would bring in more smoke from Canada, Montana, Idaho or Northern Washington, but he hopes this weekend will bring some changes.

"It will finally move on to the east and allow a new weather system to move in and it will flush the smoke out this weekend,” he said.

Experts said for the time being, you might want to work out inside to avoid the smoky conditions, or hold out until the weekend.