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'This precious little person is already growing in my heart': Couple burned in Cold Springs Fire plans for more children

Jake and Jamie Hyland continue their recovery after a year of undergoing surgeries and have hopes on becoming parents again.

OKANOGAN, Wash. — Editor's Note: Above video was published in September 2020

Nearly one year after a fire forever changed the lives of 31-year-old Jacob Hyland and 26-year-old Jamie Hyland of Renton, the couple is undergoing surgeries and keeping hopes alive of becoming parents again.

The story of the Hylands is one of profound loss, but also one of survival. A year ago, the Hyland couple and their one-year-old son, Uriel, were trying to escape the Cold Springs Fire when they were overcome by flames. Their son did not survive. Jamie was also pregnant at the time and her unborn child didn't survive. 

Jacob and Jamie have both undergone nearly a half dozen surgeries each and they have continue their recovery at Harborview since 2020.

According to the GoFundMe page set up for the Hyland's, which has raised more than $400,000 as of Sep. 8, 2021, the couple continues overcoming its physical and emotional journey towards a full recovery.

“They have continued to overcome their physical challenges. Through their countless surgeries, doctors’ appointments, and much physical pain they have continued to heal,” wrote GoFundMe page organizer and family member, Tammy Mabry.

Jake underwent surgery last week on both of his hands. The purpose of the surgery was to trim back the web-spaces between his fingers to allow more mobility and stop the web-spaces ripping open on their own, according to Mabry’s post.  

“Jamie's next surgery is September 17th," the post said. "This surgery will involve releasing an armpit band that limits the arm's mobility, and hopefully a thumb web-space band as well. She welcomes your prayers.”

Jake is recovering and he will be the best man in a wedding in October. 

“He is in much better shape than the last wedding he was in just a few months into his healing. Much better,” Mabry wrote.

Mabry’s post says the Hyland's pain for the loss of their son Uriel is not gone, but they get some peace when looking at their flourishing garden they planted with their son last year. 

Hyland's plans to have more children through surrogacy 

Mabry shared the news on the GoFundMe Hyland's page of Jake and Jamie's plans of becoming parents through surrogacy. Jamie wrote her plans to have more children in her personal online blog in August. 

“As heartbreaking as it is that I can’t be pregnant, it is a relief to have this option. When my fertility doctor was checking on the condition of my ovaries with an ultrasound, I asked her to see if there was any portion of womb. Sadly there was nothing,"  Jamie wrote. "This doesn’t mean God may not yet perform a miracle, but so far nothing there. So we will continue taking these steps towards surrogacy."

Jamie wrote she and Jacob feel their hearts empty will the loss of their son they will keep him in their memories.

"Jacob and I miss Uriel so much, every day, and that empty place in our hearts will always be there holding his memory. But as much as we miss our son, we also miss being parents," Jaime's post said.

Jamie also wrote her exiting journey about her surrogacy journey. 

"I don’t know how quickly this surrogacy journey will get rolling or whether or not there will be setbacks along the way," Jamie wrote. "I do not know how long it will be until I can hold my next baby in my arms. And though he or she will not be growing in my womb, this precious little person is already growing in my heart."


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