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Dog goes missing during Idler Fire near Moscow

2-year-old Aspen went missing just days after being adopted
Credit: Jim Mital

MOSCOW, Idaho — A man is searching for his missing dog after it escaped during the Idler Fire. 

Jim Mital adopted Aspen, the white American Eskimo, on August 28 hoping to give her a better life away from the puppy mill where she was born. He was excited to bring her into his family where she would join Angus, a 6-year Doberman/hound mix. 

Just days after being adopted, Mital is going through the pet's parents' worst nightmare. Aspen escaped, and then the Idler Fire broke out near his home. 

The Idler Fire started Aug. 30 burning three miles north of Moscow, Idaho. When a large barn caught on fire and caused an over 100-acre wildfire, that destroyed a home on West Twin Road. 

The afternoon the fire ignited Aspen was sleeping on the couch, Mital went to let Angus out that's when Aspen bolted out the door. Mital wasn't able to catch her due to his flip-flops, Aspen was out. 

Mital got in his car to search for her, driving past the barn where the Idler Fire started, it was only a half-mile from his home. He noticed what he thought was dust but kept searching.  

With no luck finding Aspen Mital headed home, past the barn that was now fully engulfed in flames, helicopters attempting to stop the fast-moving fire from spreading. 

On Tuesday, Mital set out on foot looking for his missing dog. Staying west of the fire he searched farm fields and forests with no luck. He thinks Aspen would have been scared by the sounds of sirens, helicopters, and fire crews. 

He made posters for her, hoping anyone might see her and give him a call. Set out food, along with a dog bed in case she found her way home. In the morning the food was gone but with no Aspen insight. 

As of Sep. 3 the Idler fire is now 100% contained and crews are cleaning up the scene. 

Mital is still hoping to find Aspen. He thinks she might be trying to get back to a previous owner in Chewelah, Washington. 

If you see what you think might be Aspen, a white American Eskimo you can call Mital at 208-310-0663 or email him jmital@turbonet.com. There is a reward for anyone that can help find her.