PULLMAN, Wash. — It's been two days since floodwaters rushed down Grand Avenue in Pullman and, while the street's pretty much all cleaned up,  a look from inside businesses and you'll see a different story.

A stream of water is still flowing outside of a business complex, it's water this business is pumping out 48 hours after torrential rain hammered the Palouse.

"Out of nowhere this flash flood came and we weren't able to get out in time," said Tony Nguyen with Kool Nail Designs & Spa.

The nail salon lost nearly everything at their brand new location where they recently celebrated their grand opening less than a year ago.

"The damage is devastating, it devastated our whole store, plus we lost about $100,000 worth of stuff," Nguyen described.

The business is a family affair and that's why they're trudging through mud and standing water doing their best to clean and save whatever they can. The owner invested her livelihood into the business.

"She's really sad and depressed and she's battling stage 4 breast cancer right now, so she's going through a lot right now," Nguyen said.

The City of Pullman went to businesses like the nail salon to assess the damage and connect them to state resources. The flood did not qualify for FEMA's support, damage would have to equal $10 million, which means this weather disaster doesn't meet the standards.

Nonetheless, City leaders met with representatives from the State Department of Emergency Management to help get affected businesses support.

"So low interest loans so they can get access to funds quickly to help with mitigation," said Adam Lincoln, City of Pullman Administrator.

Next door neighbor, Rollys Ice Cream Parlor opened just six months ago. They've had Sigma Pi fraternity help them clean up and Dissmore's offered to let them open up temporarily. It's this kindness that makes these small businesses proud to be in Pullman.

"We have people out there who are offering helping hands and coming out here and helping us. So we do feel loved for sure," said Crystal Gayles, Owner, Rollys Ice Cream Parlor.