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How did the La Dodgers logo end up at WSU?

The Cougar logo is everywhere at Washington State University. Some people found it intriguing when they saw the LA Dodgers logo was branded on some of the seats at Martin Stadium. 

PULLMAN, Wash. — There is a unique story behind some of the seats located within Washington State University’s Martin Stadium.

The cougar logo is everywhere around the WSU campus and that is why some find it odd that the logo for the Los Angeles Dodgers is branded on a selection of the stadium seats.

Associate Athletic Director Shawn Deeds has been with WSU since 1991 and said he has heard a variety of theories of where these Dodgers seats came from.

"I know that coach Bobo Brayton knew Tommy Lasorda, which was in 1970 or 1971 and he was up in Spokane as a manager of the Spokane Indians,” Deeds said. “Whenever they did renovations down in Los Angeles, they sent the chairs to Spokane--at least that's what I've been told. From that point when they renovated there, the stadium builders got these seats and we installed them."

Martin Stadium had to be renovated in the 1970's after arson destroyed several sections. The Dodgers seats arrived in time to help replace some of the destroyed areas. Since then, Cougar fans sit in the historical seats that are all lumped together under the new stadium press box.

"They are historical that's for sure,” Deeds said.

Deeds said preserving and maintaining the history of the Dodger seats proves to be difficult.

"The only way to fix any issues we have--especially with these--is to have stuff actually molded, poured, cast, which is a little pricey for a few of these seats,” Deeds said. “I'm lucky I have a great maintenance staff who have a lot of knowledge on how to fix these."

If you are one of the lucky few that get to sit in the Dodger seats at a WSU football game, just make sure you are careful with them. They are one of a kind.

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