PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University announced it is ending the performing arts program following a university goal to reduce the $30 million annual deficit.

For some students at staff at WSU, it was tough news to hear about the end of the program they care so much about.

"It was a little shocking it was a little disappointing,” Mary Trotter said.

Trotter got the news along with the rest of the students, faculty and staff, that she and three of her colleagues were not coming back to WSU at the end of the performance season.

Trotter is an assistant clinical professor for the performing arts program at WSU. They bring in professional shows as well as put on student productions.

Photo from  WSU Photo Services 
Photo from  WSU Photo Services 

"We have been able to bring a lot of things to not just campus, but to this area. I think we've provided a really well-rounded arts presentation,” Trotter said.

WSU school leaders said the performing arts program has not been able to run on its own without money from the university. $1.6 million from the university reserve funds has gone into the program since it began.

WSU does not offer a theater major so some students are worried they will no longer get to do what they love.

Photo from  WSU Photo Services 
Photo from  WSU Photo Services 

“Acting and writing is what I want to do, so having WSU PA gone is like taking away everything that I have worked so hard for,” said student Aryn Allen.

“I was confused was just trying to process like why this was happening, what it entailed and I immediately just started thinking, where can we go from here,” student Jared Braswell said.

So where can they go from here? That question has yet to be answered but Trotter said she wants to help her students as much as she can.

"We keep moving forward we look to see what new things are out there and we will do our best to set out students up for success,” Trotter said.

Photo from WSU Photo Services