SPOKANE, Wash. -- One thing Washington State University fans cannot get enough of is Cougar Gold cheese.

There is something about the cheese that can really make them go wild it tends to sell out pretty fast. But, of all the places to run out of Cougar Gold cheese, the last place would be in the heart of WSU.

First, KREM 2 checked the WSU Connections store in Downtown Spokane, they have plenty. But at the WSU Spokane Bookie, that was not the case. They are completely out and anxiously awaiting their next delivery. The Pullman Safeway was completely out. Dissmore's IGA had 11 cans of cougar gold but they said they keep running out. Then, KREM2 checked out Crimson and Gray and it turned out they are out of Cougar Gold too! But the good news is they later received a delivery of 160 cans.

The Marriott Residence Inn always has about a dozen Cougar Gold Cheese cans on hand because they purchase from a distributor, not directly from the creamery. Despite what it may look like in Pullman, there is no shortage.

"There is no shortage of cougar gold. Well, by the end of the year there maybe, but right now we have all the cheese you could want," Ferdinand’s Creamery Manager John Haugen said.

As long as Ferdinand's is open, you can go in and grab a can or two. Haugen said they will limit you to only 20 cans. So then why the shortage of Cougar Gold in Pullman stores?

"We have agreements with them on how much cheese they buy and we're working with them on that currently," Haugen explained.

This means, Pullman stores get a certain amount of cheese and it has to last them until the next batch is ready. Haugen said Cougar Gold has to age for a year, then it can be put on the shelves.

The cougar craze for the beloved Cougar Gold cheese is clearly not fading. Haugen said the creamery is working to bring in larger cheese making equipment to meet demand.