COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho—When it comes to the Olympics, host cities let the world know their superlatives: friendliest people, sunniest weather, most beautiful scenery and so on, according to a Washington Post article.

This year’s host city PyeongChang, South Korea boasts a little different title. It was the perfect elevation.

The Washington Post set out to find what U.S. cities measured up and two were close to home.

Reports said Coeur d’Alene and Caldwell, Idaho had the closest similarities to PyeongChang. Coeur d'Alene city leaders were taken by surprise with the findings.

"The city as a whole, we love that CDA is seen as this wonderful place, because we truly believe that," Deputy City Administrator Sam Taylor said.

PyeongChang’s slogan is “Happy 700” which refers to the city’s elevation of 700 meters.

Elevation was not the only thing the article looked at to compare the U.S. cities to the Olympic host city.

The Washington Post looked at topography and population and again the two Idaho cities made the cut.

"Really, really fantastic to see... not just based on where we are, and how high we are, but it's who we are," Taylor said.

Taylor said the city is flattered by the idea. But beyond the dreams, they will remind you this is serious business. It all comes down to money and the mindset to house such a worldwide gathering.

"You have to be realistic that your city is going through this, it's very expensive to get all set up and build all those facilities," Taylor explained.

City leaders said even then small, fun endorsement will help them to bring-in more events and more money to the Inland Northwest.

"Even if it never comes, this is really neat to get some recognition for who we are and it's fun to dream and we'll keep dreaming," Taylor said.