SPOKANE, Wash. --- Two local law firms have accused the former Washington State Bar Association president of embezzling a total of nearly $10,000.

Both McNeice Wheller and Witherspoon Kelley law firms accuse Robin Haynes of stealing $9,300 by using the firms’ credit cards to pay for personal expenses, including a gym membership.

After conducting an end-of-the-year audit, McNeice Wheeler said they discovered several suspicious charges totaling nearly $4,000 on the firm’s credit card. The partners confronted Haynes about the charges.

After a string of misleading responses, she eventually admitted about $3,500 were charged for personal use, and the remaining amount for work expenses, according to court documents.

Witherspoon Kelley Law Firm told police she used the same tactics with them. Court documents show during her time at that firm, she charged more than the firm’s $17,000 personal charges cap.

The partners told police Haynes charged nearly $31,000 for Washington State Bar Association expenses, for which WSBA reimbursed her. But according to court documents, Haynes only gave back about $25,000 to the firm and pocketed the remaining $6,000.

Haynes told police she thought she was allowed to use the card for personal use, according to court records.

An internal memo from WSBA shows Haynes resigned from her position as president on Sunday, “due to personal matters that require her attention.”

President-elect Bradford Furlong will finish out Haynes’ term.

Haynes now faces two counts of theft in the second degree, and one count of second degree identity theft. The search warrant will seize a long list of emails, reimbursement documentation and requests.