Justin Timberlake and his crew are already prepping for the Super Bowl and Pink is getting her pipes ready to belt out the National Anthem.

Both artists are big names, so how much do they getting paid to perform?

The short answer is zip, zero, nada, absolutely nothing.

The NFL does not pay artists to play at the Super Bowl, but it does cover the cost of the performance. This means people behind the scenes, like the sound technicians, choreographers, stage crew and truck drivers all get paid. The N-F-L says, "The Super Bowl provides an unparalleled stage to reach millions of people around the world."

In 2016, 117 million people watched Lady Gaga perform. In 2015, Katy Perry's show holds the record with over 120 million people tuning in.

Now, whether a Super Bowl performance boosts the sales of an artist, it depends on who it is. Billboard magazine looked into this. They found the Super Bowl was huge for Bruno Mars' music sales in 2014. It was minimal for Beyoncé in 2013, probably because everyone already has her music.

There is a pretty good chance Justin Timberlake's crew is well aware of that. His new album, "Man of the Woods," is scheduled to be released on Friday, just two days before the big game.