Spicy foods can do a lot to your body, depending on who you are and how much you can handle.

However, could it actually cool your body down on a hot day?

According to a Huffington Post article, eating spicy foods raises your internal body temperature so it will match the temperature outside of your body.

The article then reports that this causes you to sweat and once the moisture is evaporated, your body is cooled off.

Multicare Rockwood registered dietitian Jen Ropp said "those who respond to spicy food by increased sweating are cooled by consuming spicy food."

Ropp said the sweating itself is what cools down the body.

However, not everyone has the same sensitivity and sweating response to spicy food, because one person's "spicy" is another person's "bland."

Therefore, could eating spicy food cool down your body on a hot day?

Yes, it could, but only if your body reacts to spicy food by sweating.

Ropp said eating something cool like ice cream or watermelon will only have a temporary effect and that "your body’s most effective cooling mechanism is sweat glands in the skin."


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