SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.-- A song that brought a mourning Inland Northwest community together will soon make a debut as a music video.

Central Valley High School student, Jenna Johansen wrote “Remember Me” as a tribute to Freeman High School shooting victim Sam Strahan.

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Johansen preformed the song at Strahan’s memorial and for his mother Ami Strahan the day after the shooting.

“The first time I played this song for Ami was one of the most impactful moments of my life. It was so moving and I could never ask for anything more,” Johansen said.

Strahan’s closest friends and family joined Johansen at a coffee shop Thursday night to share memories and photos to create a music video for the tribute.

“Yes we were shooting for the music video, but it was so much more than that. It was electrifying to sit down together and remember him like that,” Johansen said.

Johansen said that since the shooting she feels so much closer to the Freeman community. She said she had not met Strahan before, but now feels close to his family, friends and community.

Johansen said it was important to her to thank everybody who helped and supported her in the process of everything.

Johansen said she expects the video and the song to come out in a couple weeks.