STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. — The Stevens County Sheriff said he doesn’t know anymore about the alleged neo-Nazi group named “The Base” that is supposedly moving to the area than the public has seen on social media.

Stevens County Sheriff Brad Manke said there are no property transactions within the county that include the name of the alleged leader of the group. He said his office is still looking into it and the Joint Terrorism Task Force is aware of the allegations.  

A tweet posted on the evening of Sunday, Aug. 4, reads, “The neo-Nazi group called ‘The Base’ is planning a 'hate camp' this month in Washington. Members are flying in from around the country to Spokane, WA this August to participate in the gathering.”

The tweet was posted by the Twitter handle @161EUG, an unverified account appearing to represent an Anti-fascist group in Eugene, Oregon.

Subsequent tweets claim that “The Base” started on Twitter, following attempts by the group's founder to network with neo-Nazi groups. The Antifa account claimed that the leader of "The Base," a New York man, had recently purchased land near Chewelah or Colville.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which documents hate groups in America, said that "The Base" isn't listed as a registered hate group by the nonprofit advocacy group.

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