COLVILLE, Wash. – Court documents released Wednesday are giving insight into how a man accused of shooting at a Stevens County deputy was arrested.

Court documents said Richard Hawley fled from a Stevens County deputy on East Birch in Colville, jumped out of his moving vehicle and took off on foot on September 27. The deputy who tried to stop Hawley followed him to an alley on East Astor where he saw Hawley standing, according to court records.

The deputy said he saw Hawley digging into his waistband and immediately believed he was reaching for a weapon. The next thing the deputy knew, his passenger side window of his patrol car was shattered and he was hearing gunshots, court documents stated. The deputy said he was able to draw his gun and fire in the general direction of Hawley. Court documents said the shooting took place in an extremely short period of time and Hawley again took off running. Investigators believe the deputy’s patrol car was struck by at least nine bullets.

Court documents said the car Hawley jumped out of belonged to his off and on girlfriend. Officials contacted the girlfriend and she told them that Hawley may have taken it from the apartment she was at on East Birch.

According to court records, during the investigation, deputies were contacted by a person who wished to remain anonymous. The person pointed out a four door Ford Taurus that was parked on Walnut along the east curb line. Court documents said the anonymous person told law enforcement that the car belonged to Hawley. Investigators ran the vehicle’s information and learned it belonged to a Mandy Hernandez. A Chewelah K9 officer that showed up later during the investigation said he was familiar with the Taurus and the car had been sold to Hawley by Hernandez, court documents stated. Officials then decided to tow the car.

After most of the investigators cleared the scene, court documents said a detective and lieutenant stayed behind in unmarked cars to wait for the tow. Court documents said the detective saw a man walking northbound on Walnut, then cross Birch and walk over to the driver’s side of the Ford Taurus. The man then got out a key and opened the driver’s side door. Court documents said the detective immediately got out of his patrol car, contacted the man and took him into custody. Court documents said the man indicated that he was Richard Hawley.

Hawley was later interviewed. During the interview, court documents said Hawley admitted to shooting at the deputy’s car. He told investigators where he hid the firearm he used and it was later recovered, according to court records. Hawley also admitted to being a methamphetamine IV drug user and he had used the drug two hours before being arrested, court documents stated.

Hawley is facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer. He was originally wanted in Ferry County for attempted murder.