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Steve Gleason thanks Southwest Airlines for 'flawless' return trip to New Orleans

The tweets come three days after he posted about an alleged mix-up on a flight in which he says the company was unwilling to accommodate his wheelchair.
Former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason (R) watches the game against the Atlanta Falcons with his wife Michel (L) and son Rivers (C) in the first quarter at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Photo: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

NEW ORLEANS — Steve Gleason has tweeted his appreciation for Southwest Airlines for helping them on a return trip to New Orleans three days after an air crew allegedly would not accommodate his wheelchair.

Gleason tweeted an update on Sunday morning saying that, "After a few days of discussion, we returned to New Orleans yesterday and had a flawless trip because staff was well-informed, involved and extremely helpful."

The former Washington State University Cougar and New Orleans Saint also said he was in a "broad discussion" with Southwest Airlines about how his organization, Team Gleason, can help coordinate travel for other families with members diagnosed with ALS.

Gleason also said he hopes this good news will receive the same attention as his original concerns.

"I know that bad news travels fast, but good news travels nowhere," he tweeted. "It's my hope that news outlets who reported our poor experience Tuesday will also report the openness, understanding and resilience that Southwest Airlines has demonstrated this week."

On Thursday, Gleason had tweeted about how he and his family almost had to cancel a flight with the airline for a family trip to Phoenix because the crew would allegedly not accommodate his electric wheelchair.

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"Some of your ground crew acted rigidly as if I shouldn't fly," Gleason said on Thursday.  "We regularly fly on other airlines, who have been quite understanding and accommodating." 

He did mention one employee, Joseph Redhair, who he said was understanding of his needs.

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