SPOKANE, Wash.— A Spokane woman is using Instagram to meet and connect with other women in Spokane.

Anna Senchenko started Spokane Playground on Instagram back in April, and with the page, a community was born.

"I created the page just posting food photos of local things I was doing," said Senchenko. "So 'hey, this is the place to check out for a hike.' So I do location or place and give details of where to go, and then I'm like 'hey, I'm going and checking this place out, why not start inviting people with me?'"

Senchenko said that's exactly what she did.

"I created it for others to join me on my adventures whether we are hiking, walking, doing jobs... it's mostly all outdoors that I do and I post the event," she said, "Everyone's invited, everyone's new, there's always a handful of people that are new," said Senchenko.

Ashlee Rowland said meeting with the group on Friday was when she was finally able to put Instagram pages to faces.

"It's weird because I know like everyone but on Instagram, so we've never met in person, so it's interesting because then you get to meet them in person, and even though you already know everything about them, so then you are already friends," said Rowland.

Others who met with the group on Friday agreed.

"It takes somebody brave to actually show up to a group that, they don't know anybody, like myself, I didn't know anybody, and it actually pushed me to get to know myself a little bit and get to know new people," said Aidee Siordia.

The page is a way to create countless memories with friends, old and new.

"I think my favorite has been horseback riding, when we picnicked and we popped champagne and it's just such a good genuine time, said Corina Tripon.

"It's not just a moment or an event, it ends up developing into a relationship and friendship which then in turn impacts the community," said Angela Schultz.

The group is female oriented and for all ages, but the founder of the page said she won't be turning any husbands or boyfriends away.

"I start hiking with you so for me that just builds me joy to have somebody like that, to bring them out doors, continue building relationships outdoors, to get them out of the house, that brings me happiness," said Senchenko.

To connect with Spokane Playground on Instagram click here or for the Facebook page, click here.