SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — A Spokane Valley man is recovering after breaking parts of his neck and a suppressed spine in a skiing accident at Silver Mountain on Jan. 19.

Chris Barkley, a 26-year-old who graduated from Freeman High School and Eastern Washington University, was skiing at Silver Mountain when he crashed headfirst, his father Scott Barkley said.

“Unfortunately, he caught an edge and went headfirst into the snow and sustained this injury,” Scott said.

Scott said his son had skied the run before and was not being reckless at the time of his accident. He said the original outlook was not good.

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“Our first initial news was ‘nobody really survives this type of accident’,” Scott said.

But since then, Chris has started doing better. He has since been able to regain some usage of his right arm.

“Each and every day, Chris seems to be getting a little bit better,” Scott said. “The surgeon came out and was in a very good mood and said 'your son is able to raise his right arm’.”

While the first few days after the crash may have been difficult, his father said he had no question that Chris can recover from his injuries.

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"By the prayers and the uplifting support and everybody who's been involved, we knew Chris could beat this because Chris has the willpower and the fight to do something like this,” Scott said. “It says everything. It says a lot about Chris and who Chris is.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help with Chris’ medical expenses. Scott said he’s been proud of Chris since he was born and knows his son will not give up on his road to recovery, as the outlook gets better every day.