SPOKANE, Wash. — If you haven't had a chance to hit the ice at the Numerica Skate Ribbon at Riverfront Park you should get on it! It's set to close for the winter season on Sunday.

The skate ribbon has been open for only two season, so we asked the city how this season went.

In its first year, the skate ribbon had 53,338 visitors in the winter season. And as of March 6, there were 46,745 visitors during the 2018-2019 winter season.

Compared to the final season at the Ice Palace under the Pavilion in 2016-2017, it had 30,600 visitors.

Spokane also had the snowiest February in decades, which led to a few closures at the skate ribbon.

"Some of the closures were just partial closures," Farmer said. "Some of them ranged from just an hour or a few hours. I think we only had maybe one or two days where we were closed down from the day. So it didn't impact all that much."

But because of all the snow and colder temperatures this winter, the skate ribbon was able to stay open two weeks longer than last year.

So, while the ice will start to melt away, we can expect the skate ribbon to reopen for the spring season, for roller skaters, roller bladers and scooters, in about a month.

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