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Someone turned green lights in Spokane into pot leaves

The signature of a person identifying themselves as the "Mad Signtist" signed one of their masterpieces.

SPOKANE, Wash. — A trickster who has identified themselves as the "Mad Signtist" has turned green lights in North Spokane into cannabis leaves.

Kaitlin Riordan, a senior digital producer at KREM, shared a post from the NextDoor app on Thursday about the pot leaves at the intersection of Nevada Street and Bridgeport Avenue.

"I had to do a double take. How the heck did it get in there?" the user wrote in their post.

The comments section on the post was flooded with dozens of replies. 

KREM sent photojournalist Nathan Brand out to verify these claims. In true Spokane fashion, he spotted cannabis leaves directing drivers to proceed on several stoplights at the Nevada and Bridgeport intersection.

Brand took several photos of the stoplights, saying that the prankster used cardboard to create the images. He saw the "Mad Signtist" signature on at least one of the creations. 

Marlene Feist, a spokesperson for the City of Spokane, said on Friday morning that she was unaware of the prankster's shenanigans and that the city will remove the cardboard from the lights.

The city is not aware of this happening in any other locations. 

"People are very creative," Feist wrote in an email to KREM.

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