SPOKANE, Wash --- Can you use your home air conditioner while the air quality is this bad?

KREM has received many questions about how to stay safe while the air quality is this bad. Many of the questions have been about the air conditioner in your home.

You can use your air conditioner in these conditions.

“If you do have an air conditioner, it’s a good time to use it. It’s a good time to keep your windows closed, keep your doors closed and just run the air conditioner. Keep it off the fresh air intake, make it recirculate your air and that will really help with some of that smoke in your home,” said Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency’s Stephanie May.

Is there a difference between a window unit and central heating?

“With a window unit, yeah they're usually blocked off, so they're not supposed to be bringing in outside air. The problem you run into, is they're not sealed off very well, so they're letting all the smoke in regardless. Central air conditioning, again, we're just working with the air inside your home, just moving heat around, so those shouldn't be bringing in any additional smoke from outside,” said R&R Heating and Air Conditioning’s retro fit manager, Jason Denman.

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