SPOKANE, Wash. -- The Woman's Club of Spokane is slowly changing after a decline in members plagued the club.

On Friday, the upstairs was packed with elementary students for career day while customers filled the small business downstairs.

"They see cars, they see lights on. It's like a moth to the light. Everybody is really excited about it," said Heather Villa, who runs the Woman's Club Gallery and Gift Shop.

Villa not only runs the gallery and gift shop, but also owns a business called Bella Cova, which is helping create the new look, feel and life for the Women's Club.

"I think the Women's Club was forgotten about for possibly several decades and that's really quite a shame because this club holds a lot of history for Spokane," said Villa.

The club and the building is well over a 100-years old dating back to 1905. It started as a gathering place and club for the movers and shakers of the last century. But over time, as members dwindled, the building sat mostly silent.

Villa's goal has been to change that. There are dozens of classes offered now at the club including Mommy and me yoga and art.

Also with a Monday through Friday business inside, there is a place for people to gather.

All the new features have started to attract people. Membership was at 27 in August of 2014 and is now over 100.

"I meet people in grocery stores and out walking and tell them they need to come to Bella Cova," said Jessica Filo-Shelton, a member at the Woman's Club.

The club is old, but is building with a new start. Villa hoped to get the club back to the membership number over 400.

To sign up for the club, go to the Woman's Club of Spokane website at womansclubspokane.org.