SPOKANE, Wash — Tiffany Frye has made it her goal to help children feel the joy of a having a birthday party and receiving gifts on holidays.

Her organization, Kindness for a Cause, gives presents and birthday celebrations to underprivileged children.

Frye said she got the idea to start the organization after she did a series of giveaways around Christmas in 2017. But after the holiday, she said she just wanted to keep giving.

“There’s a lot of help around Christmastime, and then after Christmas, there’s not really a lot of help for the rest of the year,” she said. “And I wanted to continue to bring joy and kindness to children. So I started continuing my giveaways.”

In the organization’s first three months, Frye said she and her three organizers paid for all of the events and gifts themselves.

But Frye said seeing the smiles on children’s faces is what motivated her to just keep giving.

“When the kids get their presents, and the parents get to give their kids the presents, that’s really the most exciting part,” she said. “It’s just amazing to watch the happiness that you can bring to others.”

In less than a year, Kindness for a Cause has helped hundreds of children celebrate holidays and birthdays with many events, including an Easter Extravaganza, basket giveaways and birthday parties.

“Every kid deserves a birthday party. Every kid deserves a birthday cake and to celebrate holidays,” Frye said.

Each month two children receive an all-expense-paid party.

In October, eight-year-old Ian Calnane was one of these children.

He celebrated his special day by going to Jurassic Quest.

He won the tickets after his mom, Kata Greulich, came across the organization’s Facebook page and nominated him on one of their birthday giveaway posts.

Greulich said being able to see her son so happy at his celebration was a priceless moment.

“It was amazing,” Greulich said. “I kept telling (Tiffany), ‘Thank you. Thank you.’ I don’t even know how many times I said it. That was just the biggest blessing ever.”

If you or someone you know can’t afford a birthday party and wants to give one to a child, you can visit the Kindness for a Cause Facebook page and nominate the child for a birthday drawing.

Frye said she is always accepting donations for the organization as well as for spaces to host some of their parties. If you would like to donate, you can visit the Kindness for a Cause Facebook page.