SPOKANE, Wash. – One year after Spokane Police Officer Tim Schwering saved Kim Novak from her burning car she said the heroic rescue changed her life.

In January 2017, Schwering was the first on scene to a vehicle fire where Novak was trapped inside. Novak was driving home from the grocery store in her 2012 Chevy Malibu when she hit frozen slush in the road and it made a little bump. Then, the engine and lights turned off. Everything went pitch black and her car eventually came to a stop. Novak said she tried to start the car again with no luck. She then tried to get out of the car but because of the power locks, she was stuck.

“It still crosses my mind every time I get into a car,” said Kim Novak.

Schwering was able to break through the window of the car and pull Novak out.

“It's been a rough year but I am doing well,” said Novak. She still recounts the moments before narrowly escaping death. “I was going to have to call my daughter, I still don't know what I would have said to say goodbye.”

She is grateful for Officer Schwering who went far beyond the call of duty. “He brought me a bottle of wine and some ice cream the next day to make sure I was okay,” said Novak. That was the beginning of a strong friendship that still stands true a year later.

“If there was anybody you would want to save you it's him. He didn't have to follow up but he's just that good of a guy.”

She was overwhelmed by the attention the video gained on social media. “The next morning there was 4 million views of the video and it was all the way to the UK!”

“I want it to be behind me but it can't be completely behind me because I have to be grateful for being alive and for Tim for saving me.”