SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- It was a July 11th incident that pushed Nawar Al Graiti to seek a protection order against his own neighbor.

In a video filmed that day, his neighbor Shalisha Israel, 68, was heard calling him and his friends terrorists and drug dealers. She was arrested and jailed shortly after the video was shot for malicious harassment and other charges.

He said he had been dealing with this type of behavior for a while and this week, he received news that gave him some much appreciated relief. Israel remains in jail, but Al Graiti still wanted some type of no contact order. He filed for a protection order a few days after the incident.

“I handled the situation for five months, but after five months I just found myself, no, I can’t anymore,” Al Graiti said.

Court documents show his petition for a protection order was denied. The judge ruled the situation did not warrant a temporary protection order.

“He said I’m sorry about it. I denied it because it doesn’t require a protection order because she has a freedom of speech,” Al Graiti explained. This was an outcome Al Graiti admits was discouraging. “It was bad, because I feel I’m here, I’m the victim.”

But the next week, he got a notice from his apartment owner notifying him that Israel had been evicted and was not allowed back on to the property.

“Seriously, I feel I’m good here. Nobody watching me, giving me a weird look when I come into or out of my apartment,” Al Graiti said.

Al Graiti has said all along he has no ill-will toward his now former neighbor. He just wanted to live in peace. “I just want to live my life like a normal person without any problems.”

Israel’s arraignment for her criminal case is set for Tuesday.