SPOKANE, Wash. --- Do you recognize this pup? A woman is looking for her missing dog after neighbors said they saw a man steal the dog right out of the front yard in the Emerson Garfield neighborhood late Wednesday.

Sara Townsend said he was only outside for a few minutes and then he was gone. The neighbors across the street told Townsend they saw a "guy roll up, open the gate, pick the dog up, throw him in his car and took off."

Neighbors described the man as a white male, about 5'10" with a shaved head and tattooed arms and was driving a green Explorer with a possible red stripe down the side. Townsend said she remembers seeing the man in the neighborhood before but has no idea who he is or why he would steal Chubbs. They just want their furry family member back.

"I don't even care how I get him back, I just want him back. You could drop him off at SCRAPS or drop him in my fence at night, it doesn't matter," said Townsend.

Chubbs is miro-chipped, so Townsend said they hope that will help in case the man tries to sell him. Chubbs is brindle and white with brown spots.

If you see the stolen dog, you can contact the owner at 509-590-8334 or satucker00@gmail.com.