SPOKANE, Wash. – Few things are as synonymous with Spokane like Bloomsday.

For the last 41 years, the race has welcomed athletes of all skill levels to run a giant circle around the city. When they are done, they get the covetous finisher’s t-shirt.

Participants run for all different reasons. Some run because it is a tradition. Others run because it is a family affair.

“He’s my best friend. I don’t really have a dad in my life, so he’s my father figure. It’s special. I’m the only one who picked up on this with him, so it’s really special,” said Allison Towey.

Even with an “elite” level of the race, there are still plenty of people who focus all on the competition.

“I plan on winning first place when I’m older,” said Ken Hill. “Once you get started, you can’t stop. The whole family gets out here and we have a big party afterwards.”

There are even runners, like Elizabeth Smith, who run on a whim.

“This is my first year doing Bloomsday. I decided to do it last night,” said Smith.

Everyone has their “why.”

“Well, we just have fun. I get slower and slower every year, but we just have fun,” said Tom Towey.