SPOKANE, Wash. – It can be a frustrating sight when you see a lane closed on the interstate but no one is there working.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has gotten several social media comments about this and they are offering up an explanation.

WSDOT officials said just because you do not see workers does not mean work is not being done. There are two main reason lanes are still closed even after workers have moved on and those are paving and safety.

WSDOT officials said it takes several hours to pave a single lane four miles long. Then they have to go back and start over again on the next lane. After the road is paved over, they have to keep the lanes closed while the concrete hardens. Lane closures not only allow the concrete to dry but it also allows workers to have a safe place to work.

We all like our roadways to be nice and smooth and we all want the people who do it to get home safely. So does WSDOT so they often set up barriers to block off the area where they work to keep away cars driving by. The higher the speed limit, the larger the work zone should be. Since it takes hours to set up the work zone, they end up just leaving them up until they are finished.

During construction drivers are asked to have some patience, be aware of work zones and drive with some caution.