SPOKANE, Wash. -- As nearly a dozen states sue the Obama administration over transgender guidelines, a new website aims to help transgender people locally.

The website is called SpokaneTransMap.org. It was designed back in February to help to help transgender people in our community feel safe. Keith Tatham helps moderate the website. In just three months, the website has already grown. Several people have left business reviews and comments. Tatham said it is starting to help some in the transgender community feel more comfortable.

“The reality is there are people literally going after these people you know I'm sure you've seen on Facebook how venomous some of these people are against this community and we're trying to do everything we can to help these people,” said Tatham.

Anyone can go online and submit a comment. If someone had a good experience at a business and leaves a good review the business gets a green dot. If someone had a bad experience either they were refused service or harassed, the business gets a red dot. Each submission is reviewed by website staff before it is put on the map.

“It's not any way to blacklist certain companies just the way for these people to really organically understand where to go in Spokane without having any problems,” said Tatham.

While most businesses on the map are green, Luigi's the Italian restaurant downtown has a red dot because someone said they were discriminated against when asking about the bathroom. KREM 2 reached out to Luigi's Friday. They said they are transgender friendly and believe the issue listed on the site was a misunderstanding.

The goal for the website is to grow but ultimately its founder hopes one day it will no longer be necessary and hopes people will stop harassing and discriminating against the transgender community.