Questions still linger after a deadly stabbing outside the 7-Eleven in downtown Spokane.

A man was stabbed to death on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Court documents revealed the suspect, Andre Conway, allegedly used a "large machete knife" to stab 35-year-old Lance Ogel.

Many people on Reddit wondered whether it's even legal to carry knives longer than four inches.

Washington law allows people to carry large knives, unless they intend to hurt someone.

RCW (9.41.270) says it's unlawful for anyone to carry any firearm, dagger, sword, or any other weapon that can cause bodily harm with the intent to intimidate others or threatens their safety. In other words, the length of the knife is irrelevant. If you have the intent to cause harm, it's illegal.

Spokane Police Officer John O'Brien said that law applies to the city as well.

"There are people that maybe call in because they see a subject with a sword maybe on their hip or in their backpack. That in itself is not a crime and we will not stop and talk to that person. However, if that person was involved in an incident involved in area, they matched the description and that weapon may have been displayed, we will stop and talk to that person to find out what their story is," he said.

To clarify, it is legal to carry a knife that's longer than four inches. It becomes illegal though to carry any knife or weapon when the intent is to intimidate or cause bodily harm.