SPOKANE, Wash. - The new ice ribbon at Riverfront Park is slated to open next week, but recent warm temperatures and rain has slowed down the ice making process.

As crews work on the final details of the new attraction, city officials said residents should not worry about the ice just yet even though there have been some bubbles and bumps along the way.

"We're going to continue to put water down,” explained Leory Eadie, Director of Parks and Recreation. “We have a next couple of dry days we're going to build up that inch of ice and it's going to be in great shape and we don't expect those bubbles to cause us any challenges."

Eadie said last week was a critical time for crews to start building up the two inches of ice.

"Part of it is you have to get the slab cooled down really well before you start building ice. We've been doing that,” Eadie said. “We haven't ran the Zamboni yet. We're going to build about another inch of ice. We want about two inches of ice. You should see the Zamboni out this week going across the top of the ice."

She said even with the overnight lows in the 50s and pouring rain, the ice held up. Eadie said the thinks the weather will not be a huge challenge for the ice ribbon going forward.

“We get nice shade from the downtown buildings,” she explained. “We can make ice up to about 50 to 55 degrees. So we feel like we have that covered pretty well for winter use and activity. I think once we get the Zamboni out here, I think we'll be pretty impressed with the quality of ice."