SPOKANE, Wash. – The Hells Angels Clubhouse has made headlines several times over the past decade, not all of it good.

The most recent time was when the group donated 26 brand new bicycles to children at a women's shelter next door.

Several women at the Union Gospel Missions Crisis Shelter have come to the defense of the group Sunday evening after the nearby shooting, calling the Hells Angels, good neighbors.

"We haven't had any negative experiences with them. They're always really protecting and giving towards us, and make sure we're all o.k. and safe here," said Dusty who is staying at UGM Crisis Center.

Multiple women at the shelter said similar things. They said the guys of Hells Angels are respectful towards them. They have never had any problems.

"They can be gentlemen at times. It's cool. They're not all just rugged and mean, no. I don't see it," said Tracy, who is also staying at UGM Crisis Center.

The Hells Angels once bought a hotel room across the street for a woman who was not allowed inside the shelter.

Most of the time, the ladies described the Hells Angels as very protective.

"We were walking back to the shelter, and they asked us if we were o.k. And I said that guy is following us. So they said, o.k., we'll take care of that for you," said Dusty.

"We feel protect when they're here," said Tracy.

Police are still actively investigating the shooting near the Hells Angels Clubhouse.