SPOKANE, Wash. -- Four members of a Polish Metal Band are facing kidnapping and rape charges in Spokane.

Two band members of Decapitated, Michal Lysejko and Waclaw Kieltyka, appeared in court Friday afternoon. Lysejko is charged with third degree rape and Kieltyka is charged with second degree rape.

The other two members of the band, Rafal Piotrowski and Hubert Wiecek will be in Spokane next week to face charges. Piotrowski is charged with second degree rape and Wiecek is charged with third degree rape.

All four of the band members were arrested in Los Angeles. They had to be transferred back to Spokane to face charges stemming from the August 31 sexual assault. Two women told police they went to see a show at The Pin in Downtown Spokane that night. After the show, documents said the two ended up hanging out with the four members of Decapitated and went on the band's tour bus. While on the bus, one of the women said the group started speaking to each other in Polish and said all four band members would not let her leave and took turns raping her.

The band had left town by the time police issued warrants for their arrest. Investigators used the band's tour schedule online to track them down and arrest them in Los Angeles. The band was scheduled to leave the country for Europe at the end of September.

In court Friday, prosecutors said they could not find any other known charges against the band in the United States but did not know if there are any other charges elsewhere.

Prosecutors also said the men do not communicate very well in English so an interpreter was used at the hearing.

Both men are in jail each on a $100,000 bond. The judge required them to surrender their passports. They are expected to be arraigned on October 24 at 10:30 a.m.