SPOKANE, Wash. -- The lines at the airport sometimes they can be a real pain.

Luckily, at the Spokane airport, we usually do not have to deal with those long lines. But lately, the security lines have been getting longer. TSA leaders said it is because of new security measures. The security changes were announced in late July, but TSA leaders said it has taken a few months to roll them out.

"It takes a while to get every officer within the agency to be trained, we also ran into the holiday season and now we're passed the holidays and training has been done again," Washington TSA Spokesperson Lorie Dankers said.

From now on, at the Spokane Airport, you have to remove all electronics bigger than a cell phone from your carry on. Those electronics are now treated similar to laptops. This means all iPads, cameras, tablets, etc. have to be put in a bin by themselves.

"While there is always an adjustment period when new procedures go in place, we know that over time this will actually increase the efficiency of the operations because we will have less bag checks in the long run," Dankers explained.

For people who have TSA Precheck, you are not off the hook. Since Spokane is a smaller airport, a precheck line is not always open.

"When we have a lot of passengers coming through the security checkpoint, things can get a little back logged, but keep in mind these procedures are to keep passengers safe, they're to make sure nothing gets on an airplane that could be catastrophic," Dankers said.

All airports have to implement the new security changes by May of this year. TSA reminds travelers to be patient and make sure you give yourself enough time before your flight.