SPOKANE, Wash. -- Authorities said every time a truck gets stuck under an overpass, it can have a ripple effect of detours and delays.

Spokane Police records show there have already been 13 incidents of trucks hitting overpasses in 2016. There have been five incidents at the Stevens Street railroad overpass.

Officer Brad Moon said these types of crashes are time consuming. He adds they disrupt traffic and daily activities.

Moon said Wednesday's crash took longer than usual to clear because they had to unload the truck, then reload the products into another truck.

“Not only was it a delay for the police department but you've got tow truck operators that can be doing other things. The railroad had to shut down trains so the bridge inspector could actually look at it," said Moon.

Moon said the cause of the collisions has to do with drivers not paying enough attention and misdirection from a GPS.

“Don't trust your GPS. Most of the time when we get these they're not local companies, it’s out-of-town drivers, that are trusting their GPS,” said Moon. “And the GPS, a lot of time, don't factor in bridge heights. More than half the collisions at this location are GPS related."

Gus Melonas, a BNSF Railway spokesperson, said when a truck gets stuck under a railroad overpass they have to stop the trains so the tracks and bridge can be inspected for damage.

“It’s dangerous number one,” said Melonas. “And it's disruptive. It’s expensive for us but safety is our number one priority."

Drivers can be cited up to $550 for negligence. However, Moon said, for the most part, he gives out citations for failing to obey a traffic control sign. That’s a $187 ticket.