SPOKANE, Wash. - The trial for the former Lincoln County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy who said he shot his wife accidentally while cleaning her gun is now slated to start in March.

Dwayne Thurman faces a first degree manslaughter charge in the death of his wife, Brenda. He claims he was cleaning a gun he bought for his wife Brenda in the kitchen of their Spokane Valley home and it went off. Documents state that Thurman told deputies, "It's my fault, I'm an idiot, the gun just went off."

Previously, his attorney said from their perspective, this was a tragic accident and they plan to defend the case that way.

Documents from the police case file obtained by KREM 2 show conflicting opinions about a possible motive by Brenda’s adult children.

Brenda Thurman’s children, Gabrielle and Michael were both interviewed by police shortly after the shooting. They are her children from a previous relationship, before she married Dwayne.

Brenda Thurman

Police said Gabby indicated “Dwayne may have shot her mother on purpose” when they interviewed her at the hospital.

Authorities have previously told KREM2 they have not uncovered any evidence that the shooting was intentional or premeditated.

A few hours before Thurman's hearing on Friday, a few people gathered with signs outside the courthouse to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence.

Thurman is out of custody while he awaits trial on the manslaughter charge

As of Friday, Thurman's trial has been moved from Feb. 12 to March 26.