SPOKANE, Wash. – All three suspects accused of stealing a purse from a parent's car during the Freeman High School shooting appeared in court Tuesday for their arraignments.

Nicole Jensen, Renee Mann, 37, and Larry "JR" Flett, 39, all plead not guilty to the charges against them. Mann faces eight counts of second degree theft, as well as identity theft second degree, forgery and theft third degree. Flett faces eight counts of theft, as well as a vehicle prowling charge and a theft in the third degree charge. Jensen faces eight counts of second degree theft, one count of third degree theft and another of vehicle prowling.

Officials said the Jensen and Mann were caught on surveillance video after the theft going on a $36,000 shopping spree with stolen credit cards from the parent's purse.

Officials said the purse was stolen while the parent parked on Highway 27 to rush to the high school to find her daughter after the fatal shooting.

Court documents obtained on Wednesday revealed the three suspects had been traveling together after going to the Coeur d'Alene Casino when they stopped near Freeman High School. Mann told investigators that Jensen stopped the car, and they walked toward the school to see what happened.

She said they got back in the car and stopped further up the road, when she saw Jensen and Flett exit the car and come back with a purse, according to court documents. She said they went to stores back in Spokane and spent hundreds of dollars on the victim’s credit and debit cards.