SPOKANE, Wash. – A licensed marijuana grower in Northeast Spokane said Wednesday that 80 plants were chopped down and stolen from his property.

The owner said the crooks were no amateurs either. In about a half hour, thieves left with only the stump of trees where each one could grow as high as seven feet.

“I figured I’d get hit by being out in the open,” he admits.

The owner said what he did not expect was half a dozen guys to take off with his healthy investment.

“With those size of plants, I never thought someone would take 80 plants. I always thought it would be two or three, not too big of a loss,” he said.

Thieves took off with what they thought was hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of product. The owner said the perps came in with a 26-foot trailer, cut through the fence, and got straight to work.

The only problem is – what they stole is not exactly a ‘cash crop.’

The plants they took would not have been ready to harvest for a few more weeks. Meaning, the crops are worthless.

That did not stop thieves however, from hitting the owner’s property twice in less than a week.

“I don’t know if it’s worth it for these guys to try it again in the future,” he said, “but there’s going to be a reaction that’s pretty quick.”