SPOKANE, Wash. – As the Inland Northwest deals with freezing cold temperatures, for some, the cold weather is just part of the job.

Dave Lance is a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service and said the single digits will not stop him.

“You gotta keep track of yourself, because you get hurt out here real quick,” Lance said.

Temperatures closing on zero degrees, and the wind chill will bring them. Part of the gig for Lance, who has been delivering mail for 29 years.

Lance said he is exposed to the worst conditions this time of year and the slippery sidewalks can be dangerous.

“You got your hands full of mail and once you start losing your balance, you just go down ever so fast,” he said.

The cold would force anyone – even the most experienced outdoorsman – to bundle up. Lance though?

“A special polar fleece shirts and bottoms that I have. They’re basically expedition wear that you get for mountaineering,” he said.

So he is covered there. How about walking through all that snow?

“I would take the cold and the snow, over 35-45 degrees and rain anytime,” he said.

He knows he has got to get his mind right before every one of his delivery expeditions.

“Just don’t think about it. Honestly you just don’t stop. You keep going,” Lance said.

Lance knows this is a job that makes the world go around.

“It’s not just me,” he said, “it’s the guys that pick up trash, it’s the cops. Everybody who has to come out and work in this kind of weather no matter what, that’s your job and you just do it.”