SPOKANE, Wash. --- Tax Day protesters rallied around the county, including dozens of protesters who gathered in downtown Spokane to demand President Trump to release his tax returns.

Rallies were held in more than 150 cities around the country.

Many protesters demand that President Trump would be transparent and open with the American people about his tax returns.

“I'm here today because I oppose the worst, most corrupt, the most incompetent, most scandalous administration this county has ever seen," demonstrator Jax Clay said.

Protesters were impassioned as they marched through downtown Spokane and rallied for many reasons.

“Ordinary citizens care he just usually that as a way to wiggle out by saying people don't care about their taxes, and of course we do pay taxes so he doesn't pay taxes so he doesn't care," demonstrator Jerry Jantz said.

While demonstrations across the country focused on the president's tax returns, participants said this rally and march is part of a 40 year tradition for the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane.

“Every year on tax day we talk about where do our federal taxes go, way too much of it goes into the pockets of military contractors, CEO's and stake holders, and not enough goes into schools, healthcare and clean water and environmental protections that we need," PJALS Director Liz Moore said.

Other than the president's tax returns participants said they're worried about increases in defense and security spending.

“And so we're here to say reject the Trump budget no 54 billion dollars for war we want a budget that will reflect our values,” Moore said.

Protesters chanted and marched in hopes their voices would be heard.

Saturday’s rally and march was peaceful and there were no major issues.