SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Police praised the public’s vigilance in reporting a rental truck that appeared to have two teenagers riding in the back.

Those reports and a photo that went viral helped lead law enforcement to the arrest of Shonn Anderson, 44, who was driving the stolen truck. Details about his arrest Wednesday are still not available. It is also still unclear why the teens were with Anderson. However, Anderson does have a 25-year criminal history.

Records dating back to 1994 show Anderson has a long list of previous charges in Stevens and Spokane Counties. He has been found guilty of assault, theft, driving with a suspended license, burglary and possession of controlled substances. His criminal history does not include any sex offenses.

Records show these charges have landed Anderson in jail for a combined total of almost three years. Specifically, he spent one year in jail on a theft charge and another year in jail for violating a no-contact order.

Department of Corrections officials said Anderson's recent arrest is the result of violating a condition of his release from jail. He is now held on "community custody" in Spokane County jail. This means since he violated his conditions, he may have to serve the rest of his sentence in jail. Typically, a hearing will determine this.

Anderson is not currently charged with anything illegal related to the two teenagers found in the back of the moving truck. Given the suspicious circumstances, KREM 2 decided to look into his criminal background.

One of the two teens found in the back of the Budget rental truck was taken to the hospital. Police said they are unable to confirm how that teen is doing. The other teen though was released to a guardian.