SPOKANE, Wash. -- Investigators are still working to identify the man who robbed an STCU in Spokane Valley Thursday afternoon.

It happened just before 2:00 p.m. near 32nd and Pines. An armed robber jumped the counter and demanded money. Officials said he was shot and wounded by a customer in the bank who was carrying a concealed weapon.

If you are carrying a weapon in a situation like this, the Spokane County Sheriff's Office said you need to evaluate your surroundings, know how your weapon works, know your ability to hit a target and take into account the risk to other people near you. Officials said lethal force should only be taken if your life or someone else's is in imminent danger.

“It varies depending upon what the what the citizen who is carrying the weapon believes, what the other people in that situation are believing and so lethal force can only be used if somebody believes their life or somebody else's life is in imminent threat of danger or that they were going to lose their life,” said Spokane County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Mark Gregory.

During the robbery, the customer was legally carrying a concealed handgun. Deputies said he pulled it out and shot the suspect. Whether or not the customer could face charges for his actions will be determined as the investigation continues.

Investigators believe the suspect is injured and will need medical attention but he has yet to show up at a local hospital. He is still on the run.

If you have any information about the robbery or think you can identify the suspect you are asked to call 911.