SPOKANE, Wash. – School districts across the Inland Northwest are celebrating a new school year, but Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School is celebrating turning 100 years old on Thursday.

The school, located just two blocks down from Gonzaga University, features many pieces of history that date back to the beginnings of Spokane.

They first opened their doors on Sept. 8, 1916. The school did not start at its current location; it was actually located where GU’s college campus resides today.

In 1941, the school moved to its current location on Mission. From then on, the school has been responsible for educating some of the most well-known Spokane residents– including the whole Stockton family.

Faculty at the school said while the education is great, what really makes the school are the free spirited students, and alumnae like Joanne Giese Vincent from years past said a lot has changed.

“The best memory I think I have is just being able to start school here with all the neighbor children that I grew up with,” Vincent said. “All of us that went here at the time were all from like a mile radius from the school,” she said.

The school will celebrate with a birthday party for all friends and family of current students. For alumni like Vincent and the Stocktons, they will have their own party on Saturday.