SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- A man was arrested Friday after police said he tried to steal a Spokane Valley teen's car right out of her driveway.

Alyssa Kamp is calling her dad her hero after he stopped a man from stealing her car she spent 25 hours painting.

“It's kind of like my big first purchase, so it means a lot to me and all the time I put into it, so I would be upset if something bigger than what had happened had happened to it,” Alyssa said.

On Friday night, Alyssa and her dad both heard her car startup in the driveway followed by a loud crash. That is when her dad, Jason, looked outside and saw a man in her car.

"So, I yelled at him, I won't say exactly what I said, but I yelled at him and he didn't say anything, he immediately just started running," Jason said.

Without even thinking, Jason took off after him.

“It all happened very quickly, I literally came out and within two or three seconds of seeing the guy in the car we were running,” he said.

As Jason was running, he noticed two Spokane Valley Police officers in the Lowe's parking lot.

"It's no coincidence, they were actually looking for that guy, somebody else had called in a car prowler,” Jason said.

Jason caught up to the suspected thief, later identified as Taylor Mienke, blocked his escape route and did not have to wait long for officers to show up.

“It was literally ten or fifteen seconds and police were there, they had him handcuffed and in the car super fast, it was awesome,” he explained.

As officers cuffed the man, Jason heard him admit to what he did.

“That was what he said when he was handcuffed, ‘I love stealing cars,’” he said.

While the family says they are extremely thankful for Spokane Valley Police, Alyssa is also thankful her dad sprung into action so quickly.

“I think my dad's pretty cool. He's kind of like my own little hero and like, he's a special guy,” Alyssa said.