SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane native and Shadle Park grad, Bryan Braman, is a Super Bowl champ.

Ivan Corley, Braman's mentor, has stayed in touch with the Eagles Defensive End Bryan Braman since his Shadle Park High School days. Corley used to coach the now Super Bowl champ. So, you can imagine this year's Super Bowl kept Corley on the edge of his seat.

"I'm sitting there, like, ‘Ok, is he going to get through today and block an extra point or block a punt? Is there going to be a wild bounce or a fumble and Bryan is going to scoop it up, and take it to the house for six?’" Corley said.

Of course, Corley's favorite play was one of those critical moments of the game.

"And when Bryan made the tackle on the guy they handed the ball to on the return I just jumped out of my chair and was like 'Yes!,'" he said.

Since the two stay in touch, Corley could not help but send a few thoughts to Braman himself.

"Yesterday, right after the game ended, 'Wow, I'm so proud of you and your team. The game was so much fun to watch. Seeing you and your team celebrate together, fulfilling a dream together is so cool. Love you, and catch up with you when you can, okay?’," Corley explained.

Braman called Corley back at about one in the morning. KREM 2 got to hear that voicemail with Corley for the first time.

"I'd have to say it's a pretty awesome day. We're World Champs. Love you, Brother. give me a call," Braman said in the voicemail.

There are plans in the works for Braman to make a visit to his hometown this spring. Without a doubt it will be a very warm welcome home.