SPOKANE, Wash. - What started as fund for ice cream after the game, turned into donations for Tree of Sharing for one Spokane girls soccer team.

One of the charities we really love to help out this time of year is the Tree of Sharing, but we need your help. There are still a lot of gift tags waiting to be picked up and filled. However, one local girls soccer team is helping make Christmas special for people in need.

The girls of the Shadow Premier Soccer Team decided to visit one of the trees located in our area malls to pick up one of the tags on the tree. Each gift tag has a wish list, along with the age and gender of the child in need.

The girls on the soccer team have made it their mission to help fill as many gift wish lifts as they can in a unique way.

A coffee can full of change can go a long way in the community.

"The coffee can started as an idea just to have them build team comradery," said soccer mom Dawn Manfred. "We thought every time the girls score a goal, we'll put change in the coffee can and shake it to get them riled up and at the end we'd take them out for ice cream."

However, that change added up.

"Last year toward the end of the season, we realized we had over $100 and realized that it was more than just an ice cream party," Manfred explained.

That is when the girls on the soccer team decided to do something more through the Tree of Sharing.

"We are getting children gifts with our money that we've earned from scoring goals this season," said soccer player Katelyn Bahr.

"The girls wanted something they could do to give back to community in a way that they could do it," Manfred said. "So this way they got to go downtown, they got to pick the tags, they got to go pick out the gifts, they got to bring them back down. We noticed on KREM 2 the Tree of Sharing was having low numbers as far as donations, so it seemed like a perfect match for these girls to give back to the community."

"It feels really good to give back to the community and give what we earn to other people who need it more," Bahr said.

Of course, the girls are also having fun giving back. The girls made it a team bond experiencing as they went to pick their tags and buy their gifts. After spending the day shopping, they return all the gifts the same night to the tree.

For more information on how you can donate a gift click here.