SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - The search for a police ombudsman in Spokane is starting over.

Other news sources report that Canadian citizen Raheel Humayun was offered the position but was rejected for an expedited Visa.

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Ombudsmen are typically hired to provide an independent or impartial person that members of the public can approach with complaints and concerns.

A city ordinance requires a five-member committee to select three finalists for the Office of the Police Ombudsman Commission to consider.

Commission chair Deb Conklin said offering interim ombudsman Bart Logue the permanent job would run counter to the city ordinance, but that he will be encouraged to apply.

Commissioners decided to have Humayun reapply for the visa at the border.

Officials will discuss possible changes to the ordinance at a Tuesday meeting in City Hall.

Conklin called the process frustrating and "unwieldy."