SPOKANE, Wash.—City lawmakers in Spokane eased up on marijuana shop laws at a City Council meeting Monday night.

The temporary ordinance that will change the rule pot shops must be a thousand feet away from arcades to 500 feet, passed with a majority vote.

This decision came after a conflict of interest between two businesses last year.

The owner of Smokane, a pot shop, filed paperwork with the city and eventually got the 'go ahead' to open in the same neighborhood as an arcade.

The two businesses would only be 600 feet apart.

This was a problem for Smokane because Washington law bans pot shops from being within 1,000 feet of arcades.

Despite being first with the paperwork, Smokane was forced to go somewhere else.

Spokane City Council member Breean Beggs called the action unfair.

"It's an opportunity to not give one shop an advantage over another," Beggs said.

While the temporary ordinance passed with a majority at the City Council meeting Monday night, it did not go without some protest.

Some church groups are among a few of the groups that spoke out against the temporary decision. Church groups also want to be included in the rule that had pot shops 1000-feet away from a given place.

That rule already applies to libraries and schools.

Law makers will re-examine this ordinance in six months.