SPOKANE, Wash. — A dog that was once trapped in matted fur graduated from a training program and has a new home.

Candy, an 11-year-old Shih Tzu, was adopted Wednesday after completing the Pawsitive Dog prison training program.

Humane Society Executive Director Sheila Geraghty said, in a sense, Candy was brought back to life. Three months ago, she and two others were brought into the Humane Society. The owners wanted to euthanize the dogs because they said the dogs would bite. Eventually, the owners decided to surrender them.

The dogs were in a dire situation, confined by matted and decomposing fur, they could barely walk. More than 13 pounds of fur was shaved from the dogs and their overgrown nails were clipped.

The three dogs were bathed, treated for sores and small infections.

Candy’s road to recovery would lead her the Airway Heights Correctional Facility. Candy was trained and cared for by inmates through the Pawsitive Dog prison training program.

“She went out the same time every day, she ate the same time every day, and they gave her extra special attention. She got to go outside and exercise more than the other dogs because of her need to lose weight.”

Candy graduated with seven other determined doggies. At the end of the program, she was ten pounds lighter and ready for a new home.

“She was transformed and the bottom line is her life was saved,” Geraghty said.

She would find her new life with Tom Knudsen and his wife. He said his sister told him about Candy and gave him a little nudge to adopt her.

“Candy was the last one and my sister talked me into it,” Knudsen said.

He brought her home after graduation and she spent the entire night on his wife’s lap, he said.

“She’s so mellow. She loves to investigate and she walks around and smells everything,” Knudsen laughed.

Knudsen said he plans to keep Candy on her regime and make sure she lives a long happy life.

“I think we are gonna be a pretty good match,” Knudsen said.

The other two dogs, Angel and Katie, were adopted together by the same owner. Angel was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. Katie had a tumor that was removed before she was adopted.

The community raised $3,000 to help with the dogs’ medical treatment.