SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane residents Tony Williams and Angela Routt are preparing for a busy holiday as they plan a breakfast for 250 people on Christmas morning.

They’re holding the breakfast at The City Gate community center for people in the area who may not have a meal for Christmas, along with planning to pass out donations they’ve collected before the breakfast starts. Small toiletries will fill “Blessing Bags” that the couple and volunteers are putting together.

The couple will also hand out gently used hats, coats, sweaters and gloves. Their goal is to receive 1,000 donations and they have collected about 600 since mid-November.

“We’ve [gone] from an idea to 150 gifts, to now who knows what the number will be this year, plus we’re able to feed some bellies. So it’s amazing. It really is,” Tony Williams said.

The idea for the event all started with a conversation the couple had in their living room.

“We just decided one day that we didn’t want to buy each other sweaters and that sort of stuff anymore for Christmas,” Williams said. “So we decided that, why not do something for other individuals that don’t have those sweaters?”

After this conversation, the couple started Spokhands, an organization collecting donations to give to people without warm clothing. This year the organization is branching out to host the community-wide breakfast.

“What about those people (who are)…not with their families? They don’t have a place to go. They don’t get any gifts. Those are the people that need to be touched the most,” Williams said.

To help them collect more donations for the event, he reached out to the North Town insurance company where he works. Renee Anderson, the company’s event planner, said she was happy to help based on her knowledge of the work the organization has done.

“To hear many stories about how they both have touched so many lives…just tugged at my heart strings,” she said.

The organization is accepting donations for the event until Dec. 20. If you would like to donate, the following locations have drop boxes at their locations:

North Town Insurance - Division

Banner Bank - Division

Muv Fitness - North and Valley Locations

Big Dan's Nutrition - North and Valley Locations

Go The Distance Gym

Numerica - Francis & Airway Heights Locations

Engie Insight

Computer Services of Spokane

Koast Apparel

RW Gallion

Suncrest Fitness Center

Tapp'd Off Grill

Spokane Fitness Center - North and Valley Locations

To volunteer at the breakfast or provide food for the meal, you can visit the Spokhands Facebook page to sign up.